(( High )​)​Priest of the Chitauri

by Veratu

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released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Veratu California

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Track Name: {. Through the Mind of Dying Vessels ...
(( Instrumental ))
Track Name: {{. (( M ))aligned to more than Stars
I am Haiwass
Science and thought
I am the elders
the original stock

Man-made mountains
(m)Aligned to such constant degrees
Guide like star charts
of Ancient observatories
necronauts of deceased worlds
guide with spirits
shabti act as proxy form
I, I descend into the clouds
I, transfer to celestial state

The Ayahuas~gods
aiding the flock
Patterns of thought form
Archaic as man

history's forgotten lore
man connected
with the masters of the stars
From the depths of
the blackest parts of deepest space
Fear and knowledge
enrich our consciousness and faith
I, I descend into the clouds
I, transfer to celestial state
Track Name: {{{. (( High ))Priest of the Chitauri
The atoms store alignments
climbing octaves to the 64th.
A threshold of surmounting notion,
all is the Ipssissimus.

Spirit of the Solemn channel manifest
from 1 and fears of it's abyss!
An epoch becomes evident
of poet's hand again.

was my sound before this body spawned
from vague Kemetic lineage
to Hermes 'thrice the majesty'.

Ad Ziggurat Etemenahnki,
High Priest of the Chitauri,
" Must past themselves to get to me! "

Track Name: {V. The Kvlt of Fractal Maji
Everything within, infinite.
" I am become shatter of stars. "
Sphere and double tetrahedron.
Matter becomes symbolic.
Track Name: V. Power and Illusion
(( Instrumental ))